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eVerifying individuals through an easy to use comprehensive system…



I recently came across the dilemma of whether to pay hundreds of dollars for an investigator to dig out some info for me, or spend the whole of my free time trawling through the hundreds of different sources available to piece together the puzzle!

On the one hand, the investigator was far too expensive, but on the other hand, I didn’t feel like playing puzzle games to piece together all the info I needed! I decided then to search online. To my surprise, there were plenty of services available that could do all this legwork for me. Talk about “being on the horns of a dilemma”, I was faced with the choice between many equally “unpalatable” alternatives! I did my due diligence though and eventually I came across a system that caught my attention because of its reliability, ease of use and straightforward interface…

You’re just 3 steps away from uncovering the truth about someone’s background…

Criminal Records | Court Records | Arrest Records | Police Records | Sex Offenders | Inmate Records | Birth Records | Death Records

DUI Check | People Search | My Background | Genealogy Search | Phone Records | Marriage Records | Divorce Records | Property Records | Asset Search Social Media Digital footprint

So I started testing their system and yes, it was Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Enter personal data (name, address, phone number or email address) of the person in question and then click submit.
  2. The search engine screen will display all the possible matches. The more detailed the personal data provided the more precise the results. Look through the search results for the person you’re looking for and click ‘Get Full Report’
  3. Voilà, the search engine will then compile a full report of all the public records related to the person in question.

I was so impressed with the results that here I am, telling you…Hey, Gascone here, welcome to my uncensoredeverify.com review”. Discover why anyone looking for a one-stop people search engine would be very interested in using this system…

Accurate & Anonymous Nationwide Searches ALL In One Place

I am Anonymous..... http-:www.youtube.com:watch?v=5XwBm9YaBZ0

Have you ever wondered “What ever happened to so-and-so” ( long-lost friends, relatives, classmates, army buddies, a lost love interest or someone’s biological parents?)… Or, have you ever wondered how to screen a potential date, roommate, babysitter, potential business partner or employee? Well, wonder no more… everify.com really did all the legwork for me. Its search results compile the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date reports available. The data is derived from databases of governmental and private sources. The company claims to have access to over one billion records and assures that any data update on those records will automatically update your saved records.-

Reduce the Risk of Costly Surprises…

E verify - Reduce the Risk of Costly Surprises... One of the most difficult tasks facing employers involves conducting staff investigations to secure themselves against fraud and to ensure that all of their employees enjoy a safe working environment. Since the onset of the financial crisis of 2007–2010, the level of fraud has almost doubled and some experts have predicted that it will escalate further. One study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed between what the job applicant provided and what the source reported. Today, 73% of companies carry out background checks and digital footprint checks on their potential employees to find out employment history, social profile, as well as unearth any criminal history. 78% of job recruiters also do simple Google searches on potential employees and 37% do searches on social networking sites. 

Peace of Mind Has Never Been So Easy…

Everify - Peace of Mind Has Never Been So Easy  What people are reading about you is often more important than who is reading it. People making employment, business, romantic, and friendship decisions about you rely on the Internet as their top source of information. You should know what’s out there about you and about others. Landlords may wish to know more about potential tenants, parents about a new babysitter, or you may wish to run a search on a new partner.  Uncover all that you can about someone’s past. Find out if that person has been convicted of a serious offense or misdemeanor. How well do you know the people living in your neighborhood/ area? Protect your family from nearby predators. Run an instant neighborhood sex offender check to find out what other people already know. And it’s what we don’t know, in cases of child abuse that tends to do the most harm.

Ensure a Legal Workforce…


eVerify personal data - Ensure a Legal Workforce...eVerify.com
Since the forming of the Department of Homeland Security, the hiring of illegal workers has become an issue for American businesses, forcing employers to consider including legal working status as part of their background screening process. Some jobs are only available to citizens who are residents of this country due to security concerns. Background checks allow businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees. It’s the best way employers can ensure a legal workforce.

Want to know Who is Calling?

? Question mark
Prank calls range from annoying hang-ups to false calls to emergency services or threats.
Most telephone companies permit callers to withhold the identifying information from calls using the vertical service code *67 that blocks the caller’s ID. Uncover the true identity of the person behind that number. Search Results May Include personal data such as: Associated owner’s name and address, phone type (land-line/cell) and carrier, criminal/civil history/ and comprehensive background check.

Surfing The Murky Waters of Online Dating?


eVerify personal data eVerify.com
 If you are dating, it’s a good bet your significant other(s) have looked you up to see what they can learn about you. You should do the same before getting serious. Check By: PhoneAddressE-mail
Want to know more about those folks you often run across online? everify.com gives you People lookup, Background check, Name, Age, Location, Reverse phone/ e-mail (trace any phone #/ e-mail), Social media info, Property check (look up property records by address), Asset Records Search, Marriage records & more… Instantly…

Ready to Discover Your Family’s History?

Everify Personal Data - Discover your family history

eVerify.com Start your family tree and discover your family history. Conduct a genealogy research using a large volume of various family history records. Get tips and ways to get information much quicker than you would be able to do without any sure starting place. everify.com will help you to narrow down your choices so you’ll have more success at finding your true genealogy. 

Find ancestors and even long-lost relatives. They all have public records such as vital records, property records, voter registration records, birth records and death records that can be an abundant source of invaluable information that can help you determine their location and paths through life. 

Check Out Your Own Records ….

Check Out Your Own Records

Someone could be searching for your personal data…Find out what others can uncover with one simple search! Job-hunting? Check your personal data before your prospective employer does. Thankfully, you can everify.com your personal data/ records ahead of timeas you can (and should) do with your credit report, to ensure that no surprises arise.  According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) An employer who intends to conduct a background check/ credit report check is required to get your signed permission before doing so (it can’t be on a job application) and is required to tell you if the background check/ credit report check was the deciding factor in taking negative action against you. In that case, the employer shall disclose to you a summary containing the nature and substance of the communication upon which the adverse action is based to allow you the opportunity to contest the report.

Checked your credit report lately? Your Employer Will…


Everify credit report

Checking your credit reports is crucial to your financial health. Your credit reports may contain errors that can negatively affect the your insurance rates, your ability to get a loan, mortgage, or even a job. When is the last time you checked your report? Get your free credit score here Financial information search results include: Credit history, liens, civil judgments, bankruptcy, and tax information. Credit Score is not included.  Check Your Credit Reports here and get 3 FREE credit scores with credit monitoring  Check your three credit reports. Validate your data. Is it yours? If not, dispute. FCRA  states that a consumer can dispute any item on their credit report and the bureaus have to make a reasonable investigation to handle these disputes. For many consumers, identity theft has beaten up their credit. Dispute the past issues and have a professional identity theft company monitor and protect your identity.

Why Pay For a Background Check?

eVerify.comEverify Background Check?

The information used to compile these background checks is gathered within the constraints of the law from a range of public records (includes personal data found in phone directories, via a Google search and on Social Networks) legally visible to the public and accessible if you require it. So why pay? There are a wide variety of background investigation companies, some offer free background checks but you will have to access several different databases (that may be less up to date) and be ready to put in some time and effort, though to obtain reliable and extensive information it’s necessary to pay at least a trial fee. The reports provided by pay sites such as everify.comare “expanded versions” of a basic people or background search. But at the end, it depends entirely on what you are looking for and what you need the information for.

My Opinion…

Now, this isn’t written in stone, you now, as opposed to source records searches (search of actual county courthouse records). Database searches should only be used as an added safety net when conducting a background check. Video presentation 

 The Bottom Line Is…

everify.com will help you get valuable information for better “decision-making” and “decision-taking” and that is priceless!

Test drive the everify.com System Now

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